Rick Holland is a master at his trade!

Rick Holland is a master at his trade.  It’s amazing how he can take the book cover image in your mind and bring it to life on your new book.  People tell me I’m picky, but Rick always delivers.  I love working with him.

I referred him to a writer friend.  She liked my covers so much that she had Rick re-do the covers on two books she had previously published.  We both highly recommend his work and work ethic.

Compelling cover... an Amazon #1 Bestseller

Rick Holland is an exceptional book cover designer (and I'm sure he's great at other designs, too).  I wanted my newest book to have a professional, compelling cover.  Rick was patient with me as I changed my mind multiple times during our design journey.  The result is a cover that I'm truly excited about.  And the proof...  the book is an Amazon #1 Bestseller and has remained in the top ten of several categories for over three months.  I highly recommend you consider letting Rick design your book's cover.

I love the eye-catching appeal of the design

Working with Vision Press has been great. The combination of an upbeat attitude with a professional, responsive approach made the creation of my book-cover go smoothly with the best possible result. I love the eye-catching appeal of the design Vision Press created. I look forward to our next project together.


Rick did a great job on my cover art. Not only was it fast, it ended up being exactly what I wanted. He had to go the extra mile to find a specific image, but he did, and it turned out perfect. I got a great deal for the price, and look forward to working with him on all my future projects. This world would be a much better place if everybody did their jobs as well as Rick does his. RESPECT! From a hard ass, badass soldier.

Russell 'Texas' Bentley
author of "The Donbass Cowboy"

Far exceeded what I could have imagined!

I am so happy to be working with Vision Press. Rick is friendly and professional. He’s very open to suggestions and changes while still getting the work done quickly. And my first cover far exceeded what I could have imagined. I had ideas in mind, which I shared with Rick. He took them to the next level and then we collaborated on the final changes, and I am thrilled with the outcome. Can’t wait to start on the cover for book two. I highly recommend Vision Press.

Above and beyond!

It took me a long time to decide on a book designer. I wanted someone to communicate with me as a person, and who would understand what I needed even though I wasn’t sure myself. I am so glad that I was wise enough to choose Rick. He went above and beyond what I hoped for by listening and suggesting, and finally producing a cover everyone - especially me - loves. For my next book, I will not hesitate in choosing Rick again.

I'm glad to have found Rick

I'm glad to have found Rick for my book cover. He was super-easy to work with and got the idea I was looking for right away. Plus, the work was done promptly and economically! I'll be using Rick again and  I'd recommend you check him out for your own next cover. I'm sure you'll be happy.

A real pleasure to work with

Rick Holland is not only a wonderfully creative cover designer, he is also a real pleasure to work with. In creating the covers of my recent book, I found Rick to be both inventive and flexible. His turnaround time for the product was quick. I highly recommend him!

The perfect book cover

For a great cover you need more than a great artist. You need someone who understands your book and the audience you're trying to reach. You need someone who will listen and give life to your ideas and hopes. You need someone who cares about your book the way you do. Rick is that guy. His work, patience, and care for our book was extraordinary and as a result we ended up with the perfect book cover. Thank you Rick!

Mark Roberts
co-author of "Evelyn’s Lighthouse"

Perfectly executed

[In response to "Gather the Seekers"]

A beautiful cover. Effective use of color, light and shadow in the title. Perfectly executed typography.

Exactly what I was looking for

nazarian144To Rick, [thank you] for the perfect cover design and for getting exactly what I was looking for almost immediately.


Allison Nazarian
Author of "Aftermath"

My book sales have soared!

sroberts144As a self-publisher, I knew that I wanted to go beyond the stereotypical amateur product and end up with a top quality, professional book cover that I could be proud of.

Rick Holland of Vision Press is a masterful artist and by far one of the most considerate professionals I’ve had the pleasure of working with in a long time. He suggested branding and designed my fantastic brands, that suit my series down to a T! My covers are crafted with expertise and my book sales have soared!

I promise you won’t be disappointed with Rick’s craftsmanship and impeccable customer service.

Professional and Funny

Rick is two things that are extremely important to me: professional and funny. It’s easy to find one of those things in a designer, but Rick is BOTH, and he kicks both up a notch. I was completely blown away by his creativity, eye for design, understanding of my genre/books, and how easy it was to work with him. You can spend time looking around for a great cover designer, or you can just hire Rick and be done with it. Fantastic job!

Positive, Upbeat and Creative

vevans144My experience of working with Rick was positive, upbeat and creative from the word ‘go’.  He replied promptly to my web query and, following receipt of a more detailed spec on cover design, sent over some stimulating ideas – and even a quote from Seneca! – before he had even been engaged.  The impression I had gained from his website was that he got involved professionally,  commercially even emotionally with each project.  In reality it was all that and more.  It was a pleasure, and that is a rare thing to say, doing business with him.

He delivers - big time!

vmilam-144Rick had a herculean task on my project. Redesign the first book cover in a series with an eye for continuing the theme for several books, and then designing the second book cover.  His first result gave my novel the look and feel I was striving for - absolutely awesome!  The second book cover was as good if not better!  His use of theme, color, and visual presentation crafted a stand-out product - one that has outstanding visual appeal whether it is full-size for paperback or thumbnail for digital.  Managing that scaling aspect was one I was especially impressed with.  Rick's back covers for both novels were also incredibly impressive. I cannot recommend Rick highly enough. He listens, reflects, communicates, and delivers - big time!    Sincerely, Vince Milam

Rick gets it!

Working with Rick was amazing! Book covers sell books. Authors always approach a designer with trepidation. Will they get it? Rick gets it! He created a cover that not only captured the premise of my novel but the mood! What more could an author ask for? I will use Rick again and I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a cover that captures the essence of their work.

Chris Williams
author of "The Throne"

I've found a good cover artist!

grogers144VisionPress just made two book covers for me.  I've had covers made by others, but these are the best.  What I like almost as much as the covers is that one of self-publishing's nagging headaches is gone:  I've found a good cover artist!  The work was done on time, communications were smooth, and the results are great.  You can't ask for more.

Rick is a genius.

sfolisi144Rick is a genius. He was incredibly insightful and astonishingly effective with designing my book cover. After taking the time to read my book and truly understand what I was writing about, Rick responded with multiple highly creative cover design ideas and templates. He researched, drew, and sent me detailed depictions of cover designs that he explained from symbolic, allegorical, and literary perspectives. After I had unsatisfying experiences with other designers, Rick absolutely hit the nail on the head and crafted a cover design that translates the ideas of my book in a wizardly fashion. Also, on the level of customer service, Rick was exceptional: speedy, considerate, and comprehensive. He truly delivered all that I asked for—and at a price that was about half of what other designers wanted. I recommend him wholeheartedly. His work is amazing!

Rick is a wizard. Plain and simple.

bhicks144Rick is a wizard. Plain and simple. I had great fears about artistic collaborations, and what the final result would be, especially considering the amount of effort I'd put into the book. I'd prepared myself to compromise as I didn't think it would ever be possible to translate some abstract cover concepts into a fully rendered cover. Rick, however, exceeded my expectations to the point where I thought he must be telepathic!

He's a brilliant artist, a true Renaissance Man. I suspect his great compassion and patience for artists and writers comes from the fact that he's surrounded by us poor souls here in the Hudson Valley, as well as the simple fact that he is truly one himself. I enjoyed working with him tremendously. I highly recommend him for new writers. He knows how to deal with this peculiar sub-set of humanity with an uncommon grace, and unparalleled skill

Prompt, Flexible, Impressive.

dbeebe144Recently I had the pleasure of working with Rick to come up with a book cover for the novel I've spent years writing. For anyone to come in at this point in the process and help was a tall order but Rick did it perfectly. I had lots of ideas and tons of preferences but throughout the process Rick helped me narrow my choice down to a book cover that he executed brilliantly. I'd recommend him to anyone who wants to add some polish to their work. He was prompt, flexible, and delivered impressive work.

author of "Adrift"


mwillis144Rick used his remarkable artistic interpretation to create what I asked for and much more. His unique and creative artistry on the cover page is outstanding. At least 90% of the adults that see the book ask, "Who is your Illustrator?" And they love the illustrations, and so do the kids. I highly recommend him, and will use him for my next 2 books.

Positive and Reliable!

jsmythe144Rick is one of the most reliable and positive people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He’s always on time and creative in his work, which is a combination I don’t find very often. If there’s a problem, even if it’s not ‘his’ problem, he steps up to the plate to offer a solution or suggestion. I really enjoy working with Rick.

Such a breeze!

nlew144Working with Rick is such a breeze. I often call on Rick at the 11th hour for design work, and he always comes through with top notch designs at a reasonable price. We need more Ricks in this world!

Global Head of Strategic Partnerships & Marketing at CrowdSurge

A wonderful experience!

rflott144Working with Rick is a wonderful experience, he is an upbeat cheerful person and can provide results – fast! I came to Rick with a last minute request... and he was able to meet the deadline and give me exactly what I needed with a smile. His rates are very reasonable; I highly recommend him.

Senior Engineer, Lunar Cubit

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