Editing, Proofreading, Ghostwriting

L. Noelle McLaughlin - lnoellemclaughlin.com
Laura is my favorite proofreader. She has been editing for over twenty years and she still loves it. She's a word nerd, a grammar geek, and she's exactly who you need to make sure your manuscript is polished and letter-perfect.

If you break a sentence she will fix it. If you invert the letters "I" and "E" she will see it. She will note it, correct it, and send you a fully detailed report – and she'll do it all happily.

I give her my highest recommendation!


Book Interior Layout

Xander Stone Ink - xanderstoneink.com
Salvatore is a passionate artist. He writes, he plays music, and he will layout your book for a good price!

Book Design Templates - bookdesigntemplates.com
The good folks from thebookdesigner.com have made several very good templates for the book interior. Maybe you can't shell out the cash for a layout designer, or maybe you just want more control over the process and don't mind getting your finger grimey with a bunch of ones and zeros. If so, these templates are for you!

Vision Press - myvisionpress.com
I also create book interiors but I rarely have the time to. If you are interested in getting a book interior designed by me, use the form on my contact page and I will let you know if I am free to do layout work.


Audiobook Narration

Josiah Clark - josiahclark.com
Josiah is a great audiobook narrator, but you don't have to take my word for it, you can hear a sample of his work on his website.

Tim H. Dixon - timhdixon.com
Tim Dixon has been an actor and voice actor for a long while. His focus lately has been on non-fiction narration but he does fiction as well. He is the narrator for Vince Milam's novels.


Author Advice & Publishing Info

The Creative Penn - thecreativepenn.com
I believe that almost every self-published author can benefit from giving The Creative Penn a good perusal. Joanna Penn is an incredibly canny individual and a very nice person. Check out her podcast, and check every other link on the top bar of her website. She is tops!

Mark Dawson's Self Publishing Formula - selfpublishingformula.com
Mark Dawson and his team provide some of the best content for aspiring writers as well as writers who would love to make a living from their work. There is a great wealth of critical information at his site and that's just the free stuff! He also has paid courses that have transformed many writers from part-time hobbyist into comfortable full-timers!

Sterling & Stone - sterlingandstone.net
Sean, Johnny, and Dave are a dynamic trio of book publishing! They dish out loads of great writing and publishing advice on their several podcasts and in their articles. Their book Write. Publish. Repeat. is my bible now that I am finally writing again.