Want to Find the Audience Who Loves You
and Become a Bestseller?

Many Vision Press Authors Already Have.

There is an ideal audience for your book out there – an audience that “gets” you and loves your writing. It’s just a matter of attracting them to your book. Once you find them, you’re golden.

This is how bestsellers are made – they target their book’s perfect audience and the sales follow. Books don’t have to please everyone to do well. Have you ever picked up a bestselling book and hated it so much you had to stop reading? I have. This happens because you aren’t the ideal audience for that book. And yet the book is still successful because there is a specific audience out there for it.

Don’t let your book die in obscurity.

So, you’ve stuck with your book through the whole writing process. You’ve spent your precious time and money to get it edited. You like how it has turned out. Maybe the writing is perfect or maybe it isn’t. Either way, it will be your audience who lifts your book out of obscurity and into the light of day. If you aren’t attracting the right audience it doesn’t matter how good the writing is. Likewise, if you do find your ideal audience they will forgive you for not being perfect.

"Think about it: your favorite author isn't the best because he or she writes objectively better than all of the other writers out there. That author is the best because they write what you want to read." — Nick Thacker, USA Today Bestselling Author


Each book has its own unique audience just waiting for it.

How do you attract YOUR audience? That’s a big question. A book cover isn’t the whole answer to that question but it is an ESSENTIAL PART of the answer!

"No book has ever been bought that wasn't picked up, okay? And to some extent what makes you pick it up is the cover." — James Patterson, bestselling author with over 300 million books sold

"I don't think it's a coincidence that I started to sell more books as soon as I changed the covers... There are some things that I don't think you should scrimp on and cover is the most important..." — Mark Dawson, mega-bestselling self-published author


Great book covers walk the razor’s edge

A great book cover, one that attracts your ideal audience, has to do two things at once:
1. It has to look like other books of your genre so the audience recognizes it.
2. It has to be unique: After identifying itself as a book of a certain genre it has to promise that it’s different from all the other books.

That’s why making a great cover is so hard. It’s a balancing act, like walking a tightrope!

"It's not just an issue of, boy that's a beautiful design, or that's cool, or that's innovative, or that's new, or I haven't seen that before. It really is a major communication about what's inside." — James Patterson

Can anyone make a winning book cover?

It takes more than design talent to make a winning cover – though it does take that too! It also takes an understanding of the readers. How they think. How they perceive books.

It also takes experience. There are some things you just can’t learn without doing the deed! When you do something over and over again you become a professional – a person who understands all the nuances of the craft. These little nuances come together and the result is a book cover that just looks and feels better than the rest.

Hi, I’m Rick.

I have been a graphic designer for over 20 years, a book cover designer for over 8 years, and I’ve worked in marketing for over 5 years. The list of clients I’ve worked for includes Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Atlantic Records, Elvis Costello, Aisha Tyler, Mötley Crüe, Zac Brown Band, and MGMT. In all that time I’ve learned a lot about my craft. I’ve learned the subtleties of communicating through design. I’ve learned how to package your work to make it irresistible to your audience. I’ve also learned a great deal about customer service…

Me and you, and You and me…

In my years as a freelancer and business owner the most important thing that I’ve learned is how to be there for you, the customer. Serving the customer comes to me naturally but years of doing it has refined my understanding of what customers need. Mostly they need responsiveness and clear communication. Sounds simple, and it IS SIMPLE, but many designers seem to lack these things.

I personally get a lot of joy from crafting great book covers, but I get even more joy from the relationships I build during the process. There is nothing better than reading the kind words of an author who is crazy about his or her cover. The process of working alongside an author to create something that we both find beautiful is just so satisfying.

Let’s have fun getting readers!

Let’s work together to make a book cover that sells! Know that I am there every step of the way making sure your needs are met, your questions answered, your fears conquered. Many of my clients still email me with questions or just to check in. They know that I am always available for them.

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Here’s what other Vision Press Authors are saying:


"His use of theme, color, and visual presentation crafted a stand-out product - one that has outstanding visual appeal whether it is full-size for paperback or thumbnail for digital. Managing that scaling aspect was one I was especially impressed with. Rick's back covers for both novels were also incredibly impressive. I cannot recommend Rick highly enough. He listens, reflects, communicates, and delivers - big time!"
-VINCE MILAM, author of multiple best selling novels.


"Rick is two things that are extremely important to me: professional and funny. It’s easy to find one of those things in a designer, but Rick is BOTH, and he kicks both up a notch. I was completely blown away by his creativity, eye for design, understanding of my genre/books, and how easy it was to work with him. You can spend time looking around for a great cover designer, or you can just hire Rick and be done with it. Fantastic job!"
-NICK THACKER, USA Today bestselling author


"Rick Holland is an exceptional book cover designer. I wanted my newest book to have a professional, compelling cover. Rick was patient with me as I changed my mind multiple times during our design journey. The result is a cover that I'm truly excited about. And the proof... the book is an Amazon #1 Bestseller and has remained in the top ten of several categories for over three months. I highly recommend you consider letting Rick design your book's cover."
-JIM MAHOLIC bestselling author of "IT Strategy"


"He was incredibly insightful and astonishingly effective with designing my book cover. After I had unsatisfying experiences with other designers, Rick absolutely hit the nail on the head and crafted a cover design that translates the ideas of my book in a wizardly fashion. Also, on the level of customer service, Rick was exceptional: speedy, considerate, and comprehensive. He truly delivered all that I asked for—and at a price that was about half of what other designers wanted. I recommend him wholeheartedly. His work is amazing!"
-SALVATORE FOLISI, author of "Revolt Against the Madness"


"Rick is a wizard. Plain and simple... He's a brilliant artist, a true Renaissance Man. I suspect his great compassion and patience for artists and writers comes from the simple fact that he is truly one himself. I enjoyed working with him tremendously. I highly recommend him for new writers. He knows how to deal with this peculiar sub-set of humanity with an uncommon grace, and unparalleled skill."
-BRIAN SHEEHAN author of "The Cosmic Lottery"


"Recently I had the pleasure of working with Rick to come up with a book cover for the novel I've spent years writing. For anyone to come in at this point in the process and help was a tall order but Rick did it perfectly. I had lots of ideas and tons of preferences but throughout the process Rick helped me narrow my choice down to a book cover that he executed brilliantly. I'd recommend him to anyone who wants to add some polish to their work. He was prompt, flexible, and delivered impressive work."
-DUNCAN BEEBE author of "Adrift"


"Working with Rick was amazing! Book covers sell books. Authors always approach a designer with trepidation. Will they get it? Rick gets it! He created a cover that not only captured the premise of my novel but the mood! What more could an author ask for? I will use Rick again and I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a cover that captures the essence of their work."
-CHRIS WILLIAMS author of "The Throne"


"My experience of working with Rick was positive, upbeat and creative from the word ‘go’. He replied promptly to my web query and sent over some stimulating ideas before he had even been engaged. The impression I had gained from his website was that he got involved professionally, commercially even emotionally with each project. In reality it was all that and more!"
-VAUGHAN EVANS author of "Let the Sun Shine"


"Rick is one of the most reliable and positive people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He’s always on time and creative in his work, which is a combination I don’t find very often. If there’s a problem, even if it’s not ‘his’ problem, he steps up to the plate to offer a solution or suggestion. I really enjoy working with Rick."
-JENNIE SMYTHE president of Girlilla Marketing