Four Minimalist Book Covers (Sci-Fi)

I love simple, minimal, elegant design! I am a fan of chess and in chess the ‘elegant’ move is one which does several things at once. It solves a multitude of problems simply and quickly. The same can happen in graphic design – a few elements put together can conjure a seemingly perfect solution.

In my internet travels I found the Pinterest board Minimalist Book Covers, and I couldn’t help but join the fun. Below are four of my own minimalist books covers. I chose to stick to the genre of Sci-Fi for these designs.


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Four Techniques for Perfect Type Pairing


Type pairing can be daunting for the beginner and seasoned designer alike. The relationships between fonts often seem abstract and hard to grasp. In this post I will give you four different pairing techniques that you can use right away. With these techniques in your repertoire you will approach typographical conundrums with confidence!

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