Surreal Photo Manipulations

One of the many fun things I get to do as a book cover designer is make bizarre and interesting photo manipulations. The process of splicing, matching, and merging is intricate and it puts me into a semi-hypnotic state. It’s like slowly filling coloring book page by page, not really thinking about any particular thing — just drifting. Here are a few of the more interesting photo manipulations I’ve made for my covers.


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Introducing: The Essential EBOOK Cover Design!

CorrSyl-ebook--sm2I am happy to announce Vision Press’s latest cover package, The Essential eBook Cover. This package has been tailored to fit the needs of  writers and authorpreneurs who want to create high quality ebooks without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re a newbie starting down the road of self publishing for the very first time, or an old pro with dozens of titles who is looking to improve his bottom line while maintaining a professional look, The Essential eBook Cover Design is the way to go.

VisionPress just made two book covers for me.  I’ve had covers made by others, but these are the best.  What I like almost as much as the covers is that one of self-publishing’s nagging headaches is gone:  I’ve found a good cover artist!  The work was done on time, communications were smooth, and the results are great.  You can’t ask for more.” 
-GARY ROGERS author of “Corr Syl the Warrior” and “Corr Syl the Terrible”

 If you are looking to have a stunning cover design made for your eBook at an amazing price click the image below — or if you’re still unsure and need to find out more, EMAIL ME. Tell me more about your project and get a feel for what sort of cover I can offer you. Then you can decide whether to order. During the process we will remain in contact via email. After the cover has been completed you can still email me with questions or for advice in general.




Four Minimalist Book Covers (Sci-Fi)

I love simple, minimal, elegant design! I am a fan of chess and in chess the ‘elegant’ move is one which does several things at once. It solves a multitude of problems simply and quickly. The same can happen in graphic design – a few elements put together can conjure a seemingly perfect solution.

In my internet travels I found the Pinterest board Minimalist Book Covers, and I couldn’t help but join the fun. Below are four of my own minimalist books covers. I chose to stick to the genre of Sci-Fi for these designs.


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Four Techniques for Perfect Type Pairing


Type pairing can be daunting for the beginner and seasoned designer alike. The relationships between fonts often seem abstract and hard to grasp. In this post I will give you four different pairing techniques that you can use right away. With these techniques in your repertoire you will approach typographical conundrums with confidence!

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